Thank you all

  • Jens Jacobsen - for helping designing optics, giving invaluable advices and for replying to all my e-mails
  • Erik Persson - for delivering primary mirror and mount and machining focuser base and spider horns
  • Mogens Christiansen - for machining all the big parts
  • Lars Zielke - for telling me about PrestonE's work with his 20" RC
  • Hartmut - for fast delivering of superb custom made secondary spider

I also wish to thank all of you who have followed the project on the forum and have asked questions and given advice.


Astro Primary, mount etc.
Astroparts-Unger Spider, secondary
MoonLite Focuser Focuser, Anodizing chemicals
Jiaxing Longshine Carbon Fiber Products Co., Ltd.
Carbon fiber tubes
BM2 Industri Machining of big aluminium parts
HAI Anodizing big parts